i3 | August 05, 2020

Ten Years of Eureka Park: Graduates Share Their Journey

Elliot Grimm
For ten years, Eureka Park at CES has served as the global stage for startups and a launching pad for tomorrow’s biggest innovations including companies such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Since 2012, Eureka Park has provided thousands of startups with an opportunity to take their technology to the next level.

Now, a decade later, Eureka Park graduates are sharing stories of how they grew from a small startup in the Sands Expo to a key exhibitor on the main show floor at CES.


ARKAMYS is an expert in the 3D sound and audio rendering field, developing highly accurate solutions for optimizing audio quality and spatialization in the car cabin. ARKAMYS’ audio software solutions are integrated into 60 million vehicles worldwide.

How did exhibiting in Eureka Park make an impact on your company?

ARKAMYS exhibited at Eureka Park from 2013 to 2016 and allowed us to establish our legitimacy as an international and innovative company. Year after year, more and more visitors came to meet us at CES, and many business opportunities resulted from our presence. We believe that Eureka Park is a real platform that helps launch companies like ours — which today demonstrates its innovations among companies whose reputation is well-established.

How has your company grown since exhibiting in Eureka Park?

We expanded to exhibiting in the Central Plaza where we have shown our automotive audio technologies since 2017. When we started at Eureka Park, we were only located in France. Today, ARKAMYS is in Germany, China, Japan, Korea and we are thinking of opening offices in Detroit soon. Since our first CES, we’ve kept recruiting and are still in a very promising phase of expansion and internationalization.


Flic is a Swedish tech company behind the world’s smartest button, Flic. With simplicity at its heart, Flic is creating a single, trusted communication point between people and the services they love. Flic gives consumers control of their smart home with a simple push of a button and integrates into hardware for business services. 

How has your Eureka Park experience impacted your company?

Eureka Park was a great start to meet and greet people within the tech industry from all over the world. We got a lot of attention since we created the first Smart Button in the world and thanks to the contacts, we made at CES and Eureka Park we managed to get a great start for our company.

Has your company grown since exhibiting at CES?

We have steadily been growing every year and we have been at CES every year since, so we definitely saw a connection between our growth and us exhibiting at Eureka Park.


Pix Inc. creates the first 8bit digital customizable backpacks. Pix Backpacks have programmable built-in screens and are controlled from an iOS/Android app. Since launching Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns in the Fall of 2018, Pix has set up mass production and now sell their customizable backpacks worldwide. 

How did CES influence your company?

We have visited CES two times (2019, 2020) and it has a great impact on the product. During the exhibition, we get a lot of feedback and insights about our current features and the future ways of development. It helps us in determining our potential growth.

Has Pix grown since first exhibiting in Eureka Park?

After each exhibition, we always get valuable contacts of potential partners from different countries. Some of them become our strategic distributors. This impacts our business in a great way since we're becoming able to expand our brand worldwide.

BeBop Sensors

BeBop Sensors' award-winning sensors are available for a wide variety of applications, including industrial, medical, virtual reality, design, automotive and sports. BeBop's technology is robust and proven with over four million sensors in daily use, helping make things knowable for product designers and visionaries.

How did exhibiting in Eureka Park make an impact on your company?

The experience at Eureka Park was amazing as it draws a self-selected audience looking for emerging technologies from relatively smaller companies like BeBop Sensors. Many attendees came looking for us and we also saw a lot of foot traffic from people that ‘stumbled’ on us, engaged with us briefly and decided to pursue if our products met their needs. We left the show with qualified leads and publicity that helped build our brand and improve relationships.

How has your company grown since exhibiting in Eureka Park?

We make fabric based smart sensors and our challenge is being able to make a handful of bets among hundreds of possible applications. CES gave us valuable feedback that reaffirmed our choices in terms of focus areas. We are building more sensors for applications in VR training via the BeBop Forte gloves, we are working on medical applications that garner immediate value to the customers, and our business in the government/military sector is building up again thanks to that focus.

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