i3 | January 03, 2020

Announcing the CES 2020 Eureka Park Climate Change Innovators

Elliot Grimm

For more than 50 years, CES has been the world stage for innovators and breakthrough technologies. The show has established itself as a breeding ground for sustainable technologies and products: thinner TVs delivering sharper images, smart home devices with energy-saving capabilities, sustainable transportation and much more. In its commitment to the environment, the industry has also been growing its focus on technology’s ability to solve challenges stemming from climate change.

In 2017, CTA announced the CES Eureka Park Climate Change Innovators awards to highlight innovators whose technology will have a meaningful impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions. As the next generation of entrepreneurs and startups, Eureka Park exhibitors are uniquely positioned to reduce the environmental impact by harnessing cutting-edge innovations and ideas that go against traditional thinking and business practices.

At CES 2020, six winners were chosen by industry experts:

Edgehog: Edgehog’s solar panels — with an average 15% higher output than commercial competitors — address local power generation needs from IoT sensors to roof-top solar panels. The bio-inspired innovation lays in the ultra-transmissive cover glass and is agnostic to solar cell innovations. (Booth #52518)

Green Systems Automotives: Green Systems Automotives developed an innovative, connected and integrated Flexfuel conversion device designed and engineered for powered two-wheelers that drastically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. (Booth #50017)

SUNLEAVS: SUNLEAVS is a smart energy innovation associated with a social network, specifically designed to accelerate energy transition efforts around the world by enabling consumer groups to invest together in solar power generation facilities and consume electricity produced between them. (Booth #50215)

ST Engineering Innosparks Pte Ltd: The Airbitat Compact Cooler is the world’s coldest portable evaporative cooler that brings deep cooling to compact spaces. Powered by Reevac™ Deep Cooling Technology, Airbitat is 50% more effective in delivering cool air versus conventional coolers, and 80% more energy-efficient compared to air conditioning of a similar capacity. (Booth #52502)

Omniply Technologies: Omniply has leveraged years of research in materials science to develop Mekal, a unique solution to manufacturing high-performance and high-resolution electronics, such as displays, sensors for IoT and wearable applications, and microcontrollers, using traditional mico/nanofabrication methods but in a flexible form factor. (Booth #52513)

RideSVP: RideSVP – The Green Carpool Network connects drivers and passengers to carpool on city-to-city trips in an affordable, social and green way. It’s an online collaborative platform where regular people planning to drive out of town register their vacant seats for others to book. (Booth #53553)

Beyond its exhibitors, CES is also becoming more sustainable. At CES 2019, over 1,400 tons of materials and more than 1.7 million square feet of carpet were recycled or reused after the show. All vinyl banners, booth ID signs and aisle signs were recycled — diverting more than 36,000 sq. ft. of material from the land fill. More, CES exhibitors collectively donated more than 312,000 pounds of materials to Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, Opportunity Village, Teachers Exchange and HELP of Southern Nevada.

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