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Issue July/August 2017

July/August 2017 i3 Cover Issue
i3 | July/August 2017

Tech Changing Lives

It’s coming. The fifth generation of wireless, 5G, will impact nearly everything: entertainment, smart cars, connected homes, even smart cities and create new possibilities that we can’t yet envision. Imagine network speeds 40 times faster than today – eventually blazing at 100 times what we now have – that will also provide four times the wireless coverage. The Internet of Things will continue to transform industries, businesses and lives making our world easier to navigate, more efficient and more meaningful as data adds new context to our routines. And just think of the new apps that will be designed to give us even more value. Read our story on how lightning fast 5G tech will improve the way we live.


Black muscle car
Design Using 3D Rendering

Verticals like the cruise industry, vehicle makers, and even Hollywood, are finding new ways to use video game engines.

5g tablets
The Promise of 5G

How will these lightning fast networks change society?

Young boys using a videocamera
How Technology is Inspiring Change

Using Technology to Transform Lives. 


Dr. Ximena Hartsock
Phone2Action’s Dr. Ximena Hartsock
Rome, Italy Coliseum
International Focus
Golf app displayed on phone
Sports Tech
A Technology to Watch
Graphene: Consumer Apps to Come
Digital lock
Opening Up to Hackers


Policy Update
Ottawa’s Tech Obsession
Drone News
The Sky is not the Limit
Guest Blog
Drone Tech Congressman Bob Gibbs
Faces of Innovation
Derek Belch, founder and CEO, STRIVR Labs
Green Policy
Making Recycling History
Tech Hub


C Space
Live Streaming Transforms TV
Retail Strategies
B8ta’s Take on Tech Retail
Forward Strategies
How to Combat Cyber Threats
CT Reports
Reimagining Imaging at CES
Advice for Entrepreneurs
Four Questions to Ask Employees
Market Beat
Digital Lifestyles in China

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