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CTA Foundation Reports: Giving Back

Anthony Maestri

Lloyd Ivey recently talked with the CTA Foundation about how technology is improving the lives for individuals of all abilities.

Lloyd Ivey is President and CEO of the Mitek Communications and Electronics Group as well as a board of trustee member of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Foundation. He recently talked with the CTA Foundation about how technology is improving the lives for individuals of all abilities.

Q: What types of technologies does Mitek produce?

A: Mitek is an industry leader serving multiple markets. These include the commercial audio, mass transit, manufacturing and consumer electronics industry. Our products are used in airports, hospitals, schools, stadiums, convention centers and office buildings. Mitek Products can be found in more than 80 countries around the world.

Q: What technologies do you use in your daily life?

A: I use an iPhone, iPad, computer and headphones. They help keep me in touch with what’s going on in the consumer technology industry and allow me to communicate with my friends. It’s great and fun entertainment!

Q: What role can technology play in helping seniors and individuals with disabilities live more independently?

A: Technology today can keep seniors from getting old. It keeps us up to speed in the 21st century. Seniors and individuals with disabilities can independently communicate with friends and loved ones. Just because you’re aging or have a disability doesn’t mean you stop living or stop working. These technologies can help us continue to do what we love and not feel left behind. By using these technologies we continue to remain relevant no matter how old we are.

Q: Why was it important for CTA to create the CTA Foundation?

A: CTA felt it needed to give back by helping people that couldn’t afford or didn’t know how to help themselves. The CTA Foundation links seniors and people with disabilities with technologies to enhance their lives. There are so many technologies available today that older people don’t know about and we need to explain to them what they are and how to use them. We need to show seniors and people with disabilities how to acquire these things and not be frustrated. You’re never too old to learn something new. It builds confidence. Having multiple sclerosis has not hurt me or stopped me from communicating with my friends at CTA, relatives and people all around the world. Let us all enjoy the technologies of today and make the world a better place.

For more information, visit CTAFoundation.tech and click on the active grants link.

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