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Issue September/October

September/October 2017 i3 Cover Issuse
i3 | September/October 2017

On the Brink

We have all experienced déjà vu moments, or another shared occurrence where we feel like we are on the brink of something colossal. A quote from the late Steve Jobs sums up the perception that many of us have experienced. Jobs said, “Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future.”


smart tv
The Wisdom of Smart TVs

Smart TV sets are a step closer to becoming the center of smart home services.

5g equipped vehicles
What Happens When 5G Combines with Vehicles

5G technology will allow vehicles to talk to each other.

Disrupting the Insurance Market

Lemonade is challenging insurers by using its claims bot, powered by artificial intelligence running fraud algorithms.


Congressman Kevin McCarthy
France Skyline
International Focus
Electric race car
A Technology to Watch
Electric Car Racing: Testbed for New Tech
Robots, Kids and the Future
Smart tv
Connecting Content and Tech


Faces of Innovation
David Krauss, Co-founder and CEO, NoiseAware
Tech Hub
Boston Leads 3D Printing
Green Policy
Saving Energy and Making Cents
Innovation in Retail
Helping Retailers Reimagine Their Businesses


C Space
In Deals and Data, OTT is Reaching Dominance
By the Numbers
New Technologies Take Center Stage
CT Reports
Startup Members
CT Reports
Ready for Tomorrow
Forward Strategies
IoT and Big Data Can Benefit Your Business
Advice for Entrepreneurs
Office Culture Sets the Tone
Market Beat
Develop an Advertising Strategy for Streaming Video
CT Reports
CTA Foundation

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