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International Focus: Israel

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In an effort to boost the amount of clean energy and agricultural technology exported from Israel to China, China signed a $300 million trade agreement in September.

Israel, China Agree to Clean Agricultural Tech Agreement

In an effort to boost the amount of clean energy and agricultural technology exported from Israel to China, China signed a $300 million trade agreement in September. The deal focuses on selling “clean meat” — also known as lab meat or bio meat, grown in a laboratory using animal cells — to the most populous country in the world. The deal, with Israeli companies SuperMeat, Future Meat Technologies, and Meat the Future, was hailed by a number of environmental and animal rights groups.

NFL Stadiums Receive Israeli Video Tech

Intel has equipped an additional eight NFL stadiums with camera and video replay technology developed by Israeli startup Replay Technologies, which Intel acquired last year. The “freeD” technology features HD cameras that allow fans to view replays from multiple angles and create 360-degree highlights of each play. The technology was previously installed in three NFL stadiums, and has been used in the NBA and Olympic Games.

Merck to Fund Technology Incubator in Israel

Germany-based pharmaceutical and chemical company Merck has announced plans to invest €20 million (roughly $24 million U.S.) to found a technology incubator at the Merck research and development headquarters in Yavne, Israel. The incubator, PMatX, will focus on the development of next generation electronics and advanced materials. PMatX is now accepting startups. Merck previously launched BioIncubator, focused on healthcare and life sciences, in Yavne in 2011.

Israeli Startup Secures $65 Million for Self-Driving Technology

Innoviz Technologies, developer of LiDAR sensors used in self-driving cars, has raised more than $65 million in its second round of funding. Investors include Delphi Automotive, Magna International and popular Korean web portal Naver. Innoviz joins other LiDAR creators to receive funding in recent months, including fellow Israeli startup Oryx and Canada-based LeddarTech.

Infrared for Self-Driving Safety

Israeli startup AdaSky announced that it is developing a thermal camera, described as a “far infrared” camera, to better detect objects and individuals on the road — a possible augmentation for self-driving cars’ sensors. Such a sensor, which has recently become more affordable to manufacture, could aid vehicles navigating at night in fog or in rain.

Key AI Investors

The top 10 most active investors to date in the Israeli AI space:

  1. Microsoft Accelerator
  2. Office of the Chief Scientist of Israel
  3. JVP
  4. Nielsen Innovate
  5. OurCrowd
  6. Magma Venture Partners
  7. UpWest Labs
  8. Aleph
  9. Glilot Capital Partners
  10. Horizons Ventures

SOURCE: Daniel Singer via VC Cafe

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