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Issue May/June 2017

May/June i3 Cover Issue
i3 | May/June 2017

The Disruption of Technology

How to leverage disruptive change, plan business strategy and develop relationships to build on new technologies is the goal of all companies. States can help by developing policies to encourage an innovative environment. To help to measure this progress, CTA has released its third annual Innovation Scorecard — the innovation performance index for states (see page 37). Find out which states rank the highest at


Man reading a book while in a self-driving car
Humanizing the Self-Driving Car

Automakers are pondering how to make self-driving vehicles better at interacting with people and training them to drive less like robots.

Evolving working conditions
Future of Work-Hire Pursuits

Business and educators are preparing for different kinds of work in the next digital economy.

Family speaking to grandparents on screen
Disrupt Markets, Not People's Lives

Technology that changes everything really just gives us more of what we love.


Suning's Zhang Jindong
Suning’s Zhang Jindong
Map of China's provinces
International Focus
Close-up of a bitcoin
A Tech to Watch
The Rise of Digital Currency
Wearable tech on wrist
Check Your Wearable


Faces of Innovation
Gobquity’s Andrew Burns
Green Policy
Materials Innovation and Recycling of Consumer Technologies
Tech Hub


Forward Strategies
Turbo Charge Media Campaigns
Retail Strategies
Larger Role for Dealers
CT Reports
Advancing Thought Leadership Embracing Innovation at CES Asia
Advice for Entrepreneurs
Find Credibility
Market Beat
Health Care and Wearables

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