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Reimagining Imaging at CES

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Moving beyond the typical “touch-and-try” product showcase and demonstration stage, Canon transformed CES into an inviting venue to attract visionaries and cultivate future opportunities for new business.

Recognizing that a continued path  to innovation is paved with creative  new business solutions, Canon U.S.A. unveiled a new concept at CES 2017 that reflected its vision for future success. Moving beyond the typical “touch-and-try” product showcase and demonstration stage, Canon transformed CES into an inviting venue to attract visionaries and cultivate future opportunities for new business.

With more than 180,000 attendees, CES is the prime global venue for connecting with “future thinkers” such as entrepreneurs, startups, engineers and technology companies of every description. Many of these thinkers are people with innovative ideas who just need support to make them a reality. At CES, Canon initiated collaborative dialogues with many new potential B2C and B2B partners. The response to Canon’s message was overwhelmingly positive, evidenced by the huge crowds that packed its booth throughout the show. 

“At CES 2017, we boldly and proudly positioned Canon as  a capable and willing solutions provider,” said Eliott Peck,  executive vice president and general manager, Imaging Technologies and Communications Group, Canon U.S.A. Peck explained that Canon has so much to offer potential partners including; superb optics; the highest quality sensors; unmatched service and support; top global brand status and infrastructure for engineering; and development and manufacturing. “Everything Canon does is designed to help inspire people to shape and share their vision,” he said.

For the first time at CES, Canon highlighted key “visionaries” who have brought to market unique imaging solutions powered by Canon technology. “Our intent was to demonstrate the diverse and changing nature of imaging and show what is possible beyond the traditional use of  a camera, camcorder or inkjet printer, which is why we chose the theme ‘Visionaries Welcome,’” Peck said. 

Immediately upon entering the booth, you could see and feel the difference in energy. Guests had an opportunity to look at how Canon technologies have powered commercially viable products that enable businesses to be more productive and offer end-users unique imaging experiences. The message was clear: Canon remains at the forefront of an ever-evolving imaging industry by continually developing highquality products that meet the needs and demands of its consumer, professional and industrial bases. Moreover, Canon’s manufacturing and research capabilities, support infrastructure and technology lead to the cultivation of ideas for future thinkers with a vision.

Powered by Canon technologies, partners such as Solidiphy, FoxTales, StyleShoots and Card Isle demonstrated how Canon and its partner solutions have the potential to open up many avenues for new business and user engagement including sporting venues, shopping malls, universities and cruise ships. The success of this concept is attributed to Canon’s preparation, experimentation and the understanding that technology is now embedded into almost every aspect of people’s lives, and relevant co-integrated partnerships are the key to offering compelling solutions.

“CES has become a technology show attended by many people in executive management positions,’’ said Ken Ito, senior director and general manager, Business Development, Imaging Technologies and Communications Group, Canon U.S.A. “Presenting our imaging technologies engaged with partner technologies was considered the best way to  create awareness and to find potential new business partners among them.” 

While CES was successful  for Canon on many levels, it  was only a starting point. Since then, the company has been working to turn leads and opportunities into business. “We met with many people who in the past may never have considered us as an imaging solutions partner,’’ Peck said. “Our new approach at CES helped people to view us in a different light and recognize the possibilities that exist for them to work with us. The Canon name carries with it great power and brand recognition and can open a lot of doors. We look forward to continuing to reach out to visionaries to help them realize their dreams.’’

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