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International Focus: India

Mark Chisholm
India Skyline

Indian Finance Ministry Steps Up Reforms

Arun Jaitley, India’s finance minister, announced plans at the India-UK Tech Summit to boost reforms aimed at attracting investment and growing manufacturing. In addition to addressing infrastructure deficits, the ministry also has plans to implement and upgrade smart cities. The finance minister noted that in the wake of Britain leaving the European Union, Britain is looking outside of Europe for future trade partners.

India’s Reliance Group, Cisco Jasper Form IoT Partnership

India’s Reliance Group, along with Cisco Jasper, the company’s IoT connectivity platform, have partnered to form UNLIMIT, a venture focused on providing Indian companies with IoT solutions. The venture makes Reliance the first telecom company in India to form a dedicated, independent IoT business unit. “Nearly every sector will be positively impacted by IoT and the Indian manufacturing industry is already beginning to reap its benefits,” said Group Managing Director of the Reliance Group, Amitabh Jhunjhunwala.

Dell Reaffirms India Commitment

In an interview at Dell World 2016 in Austin, TX, Dell CEO Michael Dell stressed the continued importance of India to the company. “India is our third-largest market in the world and incredibly important as a base of operations, as a source of talent and R&D labs,” said Dell. As the second largest PC maker in India by market share, Dell will look to expand its role in digitization by partnering with a number of companies such as Digital India.

Dyson Plans India Expansion

UK-based consumer electronics maker Dyson plans to expand to India with a number of flagship stores in Indian cities including New Delhi and Mumbai. In addition to bringing its patented products to the country for the first time, Dyson plans to engage with India’s engineering community through the James Dyson Foundation, a charity focused on education in design, technology and engineering. “India is a very practical, resourceful and inventive nation: these are talents and attitudes that I value above all others,” said Sir James Dyson, founder of Dyson.

Deloitte Names India’s “Technology Fast 50”

Deloitte has released its list of India’s fastest growing tech companies, with the top 10 companies showing an average three year growth of 900 percent. First on the list is education tech training company GreyCampus Edutech Private Limited, with an average three-year growth rate of 1,622 percent. Other companies in the top five focused on areas including IoT and boutique software. In addition, MIDAS, the investment agency of Manchester, UK, joined with Deloitte to attract India’s emerging tech talent and offer opportunities in the UK. “India is a critical market for Manchester and through focused activities such as the Fast 50, we hope to attract some of India’s most exciting companies to Manchester,” said Tim Newns, CEO of MIDAS.

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