Cybersecurity and Privacy Management Committee

CTA's Cybersecurity and Privacy Management Committee develops standards, recommended practices, and technical reports in the areas of cybersecurity and privacy management, for developers of connected devices.

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Mitigating Cybersecurity Threats in ML-Based Systems

WG5 will develop standards, recommended practices and technical reports related to cybersecurity of ML-based systems. 

Framework for Evaluation of a Cybersecurity Scheme

WG6 will develop a standard that would formalize the means to judge a cybersecurity label Scheme against the NIST criteria (NISTIR 8425). 

Design Requirements for a Label for IoT Device Cybersecurity

This project will develop a standard consistent with US national label program that defines a cybersecurity label design. 

Guidelines for the National Cybersecurity Label Conformity and Trust Programs

This document will provide guidance regarding trust mechanisms for a range of programs including third party conformity assessment, alliance and proprietary certification, and supplies declaration of conformity for the U.S. Cyber Trust Mark program.