XR Committee

CTA's Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Committee will develop standards, recommended practices, and technical reports related to augmented reality, virtual reality and related technologies. All are encouraged to join the Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Committee and get involved in its activities. The Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Committee is particularly interested in adding new members (called "users" who acquire AR/VR products from those who create them) as well as those with a general interest.

Contact standards@cta.tech to join R12 or its working groups. 

Definitions and Characteristics of Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies

This standard will be updated to include several new terms identified by the Committee, make updates to existing terms as needed, and reorganize the standard. 

Standard Numerical Descriptors for XR

This standard will identify best practices for measuring quantifiable statistics for XR hardware and technology capabilities. It will provide a go-to reference for hardware manufacturers and content creators to compare the benefits and considerations for hardware specifications across a standardized dataset. 

Immersive Experience Comfort Levels

The goal of this project is to create establish measurable and classifiable ratings for levels of comfort in XR experiences.