Health Fitness & Wellness

CTA's Health Fitness & Wellness Committee develops standards, recommended practices, and related documentation for consumer health and fitness technology, including fixed, portable and wearable health and fitness devices. All are encouraged to join the Health Fitness & Wellness Committee and get involved in its activities. The Health Fitness & Wellness Committee is particularly interested in adding new members (called "users" who acquire health & fitness products from those who create them) as well as those with a general interest.

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​Methodology of Measurements for Features in Sleep Tracking Consumer Technology Devices and Applications

This voluntary standard defines the methodology of measuring elemental and derived parameters used in consumer technology devices and applications that evaluate sleep. The elemental and derived measures covered within this standard are contained within ANSI/CTA-2052.1, Definitions and Characteristics for Wearable Sleep Monitors.

​Recommendations and Best Practices of Sleep Quality Determination in Consumer Sleep Monitoring Solutions

This document will address recommendations and best practices for the recording and reporting of sleep quality by consumer sleep monitoring solutions.

Definitions and Best Practices for Monitoring Stress Using Heart Rate Variability in the Real World

This standard defines and provides best practices for utilization of heart rate beat to beat interval data from consumer stress monitoring technologies for application of stress metrics in a real-world setting.  

Recommendations and Best Practices for Estimating Cardiorespiratory Fitness by Physical Activity Solutions

This standard creates definitions and performance criteria for consumer technology that measures heart rate.  

Definitions and Characteristics of Motion as a Vital Sign

This standard defines definitions and performance criteria for measuring motion as a vital sign on consumer wearables and related devices.

Performance Criteria and Testing Protocols for Breathing Rate – Real World Analysis

This standard extends CTA-2102 to add new protocols for real-world analysis for consumer technology that measures respiration rate.  

Standard Methodology for Consumer Broadcast Hearing Devices

This standard will identify use cases, elements, and implementation of a standard methodology for consumer broadcast hearing devices to include broadcast distance.

Characteristics and Requirements for Anxiety Detection and Monitoring Solutions

This standard will provide guidelines for consumer technologies related to the intervention, monitoring, and assessment of anxiety.  

Best Practices and Recommendations for Telehealth Solutions

This document will identify best practices for telehealth solutions to include technology applications from examination, integration of biometrics/vital sign measurements, testing, prescription management, and long-term care, management and monitoring.  

Characteristics and Requirements for Consumer Continuous Glucose Monitoring Solutions

This standard will provide guidelines and identify best practices for use of consumer CGM solutions in applications beyond diabetes treatment.  

Characteristics and Requirements for Consumer Pulse Oximetry Monitoring Solutions

Specifies terminology and performance requirements related to the measurement of SpO2 in consumer devices.