Press Release | April 19, 2024

CTA Statement on the Need for National Artificial Intelligence Rules

Patrick Pannett
The following statement is attributed to Gary Shapiro, CEO, Consumer Technology Association (CTA) regarding the need for Congress to act with urgency to promote national Artificial Intelligence rules:

“Amid hundreds of state bills targeting artificial intelligence and AI applications, Congress must act now to pass appropriate, effective, and preemptive national rules for AI. The U.S. has a duty to stay competitive in the global race to develop AI and other emerging technologies. Surveys show Americans want AI regulation and they want the federal government to lead in AI regulation through a balanced approach. A balanced approach protects privacy, reduces risks and allows innovation to thrive, as outlined in the Consumer Technology Association’s National AI Policy and Regulatory Framework.

With seven published standards related to AI, and as a contributor to AI policymaking, CTA stands ready to work with lawmakers. Successful outcomes for AI policy and innovation depend on cooperation and concerted efforts by both the private and public sectors. A complex and fractured landscape of state laws and regulations create huge barriers to entry for the smaller companies and entrepreneurs creating new services and products. State regulation also ignores the reality that technology is borderless. Multiple state laws are inconsistent with the history of American tech and innovation leadership which has relied on government policy not adding multiple state and local barriers to American innovators. As a global leader in innovation, the U.S. needs national rules for AI to accompany federal consumer privacy legislation.

We encourage state policymakers and Congress to work together to advance bipartisan legislation that protects consumers and provides clear guardrails for U.S. innovators, ensuring they stay at the forefront of the AI revolution. Well-meaning and disparate state legislation can be harmful to U.S. competitiveness in artificial intelligence.”