Press Release | March 02, 2023

CTA Statement on White House Cybersecurity Strategy

Laura Ambrosio
The following statement is attributed to David Grossman, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, regarding the White House National Cybersecurity Strategy:

“The White House National Cybersecurity Strategy demonstrates that cybersecurity is a national priority and is critical to the U.S. economy and innovation. We are particularly pleased to see the Administration’s focus on the security of IoT devices. CTA has long engaged with industry and government stakeholders to address the security of connected consumer devices. We believe the government should continue to partner with the private sector and embrace a light-touch regulatory approach that fosters industry-driven best practices for consumer device cybersecurity, not mandates, and recognizes the importance of incentives to accelerate manufacturer adoption, such as liability protections. Last Fall, CTA was honored to participate in the White House’s strategic discussion on IoT security labeling, and we look forward to having a continued seat at the table as discussions move toward implementation on this initiative and other recommendations in the strategy.”