Press Release | September 28, 2021

CTA Foundation Announces CES 2022 Eureka Park Accessibility Contest Winners

Jim Fellinger
The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® Foundation announced the selection of the five winners of its CES® 2022 Eureka Park Accessibility Contest. The winners — Caregiver Smart Solutions, Cosmo Robotics, Gallaudet University Universal Access Online Captioning, Pear and Personal AI – are startups designing technology that can benefit older adults or people with disabilities.

“This year’s collection of entries had diverse takes on ways of helping people in their daily lives,” said Stephen Ewell, executive director, CTA Foundation. “The winners showcase unique and innovative tech solutions to better assist older adults and people with disabilities live successful, independent lives. We look forward to celebrating them at CES.”

The winning companies bring innovations to market that support the CTA Foundation’s mission – linking seniors and people with disabilities with technologies that enhance their lives. Each winner receives a space in Eureka Park – the global stage for startups – and $2,500.

The five startups selected are:

Caregiver Smart Solutions: The Peace of Mind Sensors analyzes the habits of people with disabilities and older adults. The sensors are monitored through their app and tracks movement providing real-time insights and sends alerts for potential falls.

Cosmos Robotics Inc.: ABY, a human guided robot used to help caregivers in assisted living facilities with daily task, is helping close the caregiver shortage gap and reducing caregivers time spent with specific activities.

GoVoBo: Universal Access Online Captioning (UAOC), an application designed to provide universal captioning for every online meeting for the deaf and hard of hearing community, with the aim to be able to communicate across any platform in any language.

Pear: An AI-enabled SaaS platform that provides a “hand-hold’ to older adults needing assistance in obtaining wellness information from locally trained outreach specialist, providing support with wellness screenings, check-ins, and COVID-19 education.

Personal AI: An application created to assist older adults and people with memory loss, with human memory retention through capturing memories as life happens according to your specifications on content you read, write, speak, or capture visually, which you can recall on command.

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