Press Release | March 11, 2020

CTA Statement on COVID-19

Jennifer Drogus Riya Anandwala

Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, issued the following statement on COVID-19: 

“Digital health innovations are improving how we care for the sick, communicate critical information and prevent the spread of infection.  Tech companies’ products can not only track and mitigate the spread of illness, but also help the government protect public health.  CTA is committed to providing resources to our member companies, the public and lawmakers to address the effects of the outbreak effectively and efficiently.” 

Read Shapiro’s op-ed, How Innovation is Helping Mitigate the Coronavirus Threat.  

Below are examples of how CTA member companies are providing solutions to keep patients healthy, treat the ill and keep the public informed, connected, entertained and stocked with food supplies: 

Telemedicine/Virtual Care 

  • Medical support from a physician can now be accessed remotely on numerous platforms, helping patients receive the care they need without putting doctors of the general public at risk. 

  • Remote patient monitoring enables earlier, more accurate diagnoses. 

  • Example companies: Doctor on Demand98point6GingerSimple Health  

  • Example: BioSticker measures a user’s temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate and coughing, and can transmit updates to a healthcare professional every 10 minutes.  


  • Companies mange patient transportation to and among medical offices/clinics/hospitals. 

  • Example: Medhaul 


  • Today, we can continue to work and stay productive, meeting and collaborating virtually with international partners and colleagues in a way that keeps everyone safe   

  • Examples: Adobe, Google, Klaxoon, Microsoft 

Access to Information 

  • Facebook, Google and Twitter are working to identify and eliminate misinformation about the coronavirus, directing users to reliable sources at the CDC and WHO.   

  • Facebook has generated maps displaying population density, demographics and movement, enabling researchers to decide where to send supplies or how to mitigate an outbreak. 

Read CTA’s COVID-19 Resources page here.

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