Press Release | April 04, 2018

Tariffs on Tech Imports Will Hurt U.S. Commerce, Consumers, Says CTA

Bronwyn Flores

The following statement is attributed to Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, Consumer Technology Association (CTA), about the Trump administration's announced tariffs on certain products from China, and China’s response.

“The Trump Administration’s proposed tariffs and China’s announced retaliation will hurt commerce, businesses and consumers. The saying ‘When elephants fight, the ground gets trampled’ is a fair description of how everyone loses when two trading partners start fighting.

“We note the Trump Administration singled out TVs as one of the largest proposed categories for a 25 percent tariff. This staple of brick-and-mortar retailing makes no sense given the president’s recent concern for their economic viability. But in the big picture, all these proposed tariffs and China’s equivalent response are a poison pill to U.S. manufacturing, production, our innovation economy and American pocketbooks.

“Technology is an American competitive advantage and the future of our economy. Instead of raising costs for Americans and slowing U.S. productivity, the administration should put the same requirements on China that China puts on non-Chinese doing business in its country and push for greater transparency, IP protection, competition and open markets. We must resist tariffs that would jeopardize more than two million American jobs associated with digital trade and could cost the U.S. economy $332 billion over the next ten years.

“We’re now reviewing the list of products to gauge the potential impact. But chapters 84 and 85 of the tariff code – which are included in part – have the potential to hit consumers. Other sections dealing with components could affect the consumer technology sector. With the 30-day comment period, we urge companies and consumers to take action, make their voices heard and tell the administration just how much damage this would do to American jobs and our economy.”