Celebrating Technology & Standards Leaders

Every year, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® recognizes leaders in the technology standards space for their commitment to excellence through the CTA Technology & Standards Awards Program.

Nominated by their peers, the award recipients have demonstrated leadership through their strategic vision and consensus-building efforts and have significantly contributed to projects that benefit the industry through CTA’s standards committees.

We are pleased to congratulate this year’s award winners.

Pat BairdCTA Technology Leadership Award
Pat Baird, Philips Electronics

Pat Baird is the Regulatory Head of Global Software Standards at Philips. In his role, he focuses on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. He co-chairs multiple committees related to artificial intelligence at CTA, AdvaMed, MITA, Xavier Health, and the World Health Organization. 

 Baird’s leadership has been critical as the Co-Chair of CTA’s Artificial Intelligence in Health Care Working Group. His insights greatly contributed to the completion of key AI standards including, Definitions/Characteristics of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care and The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care: Trustworthiness

 These standards, part of CTA’s initiative on AI in health care, set a foundation for implementing medical and health care solutions built on AI.

Kate LandowCTA Technology Leadership Award 
Kate Landow, DISH Network  

Kate Carney Landow brings over 20 years of experience in telecommunications to DISH, where she currently leads the Regulated Services team that focuses on operations for 911, Wireless Emergency Alerts, and other like customer care services. She is a longtime contributor to CTA, including the efforts of working groups and boards to support consumers. 

Landow has been instrumental to the success of the CTA Cybersecurity and Privacy Management Committee as Chair and CTA’s consumer Electronics Networking Committee as Vice-Chair. She supported the development of key standards such as the Baseline Cybersecurity Standard for Devices and Device Systems and Determination of Small Network Equipment Average Energy Consumption.

Jon PiesingCTA Technology Leadership Award
Jon Piesing, TP Vision

Jon Piesing is Director, Standardization for TP Vision, which manufactures Philips TVs for Europe and a number of other territories. Jon has been a leading figure in the development of specifications for integration of TV and interactive technologies for more than 20 years. 

Piesing has driven the work of CTA’s Web Application Video Ecosystem (WAVE), from his role as a founding member of the WAVE Project to an active member of its Steering Committee. As a leader and key contributor to the WAVE Device Playback Capabilities Task Force, he has managed a multitude of contractors and volunteer contributors to drive forward the development of test content and a test suite for device playback.

Daniel YoungCTA Technology Leadership Award
Daniel Young, Toshiba

Daniel Young is part of Toshiba's global Digital Innovation Team, focused on developing best practices using industry standards. He has been active in standards and industry consortia for the past decade. 

Young completed a seven-year tenure as chair of CTA’s Uncompressed Audio/Video Digital Interfaces Working Group and has published two editions of CTA's most widely utilized standard, A DTV Profile for Uncompressed High-Speed Digital Interfaces. 

Toni ConnellyCTA Technology Achievement Award
Toni Connelly, Validic

Antoinette (Toni) Connelly is the Product Owner of Data Sources at Validic, Inc. Validic powers a connectivity and data platform that connects hundreds of the best activity and biometric data sources with health and wellness solutions.

 Connelly chairs the Physical Activity Monitoring Working Group (WG) of CTA’s Health Fitness and Wellness Committee, which creates performance and definition standards as well as industry guidelines for physical activity monitoring devices. 

Connelly has displayed outstanding leadership as chair of the WG and her contributions have been key to the development of Health Data: Reporting Format Best Practices (CTA 2093).

Toni ConnellyCTA Technology Achievement Award
Ken Lowe, Vizio

Ken Lowe is a Co-Founder and Vice President of VIZIO Inc. With nearly 50 years of experience in television (and associated audio) and monitor design, Lowe has a proven record of developing innovative, cost-effective designs to meet consumer requirements.

Lowe has participated in and led various CTA Standards Committees and Working Groups, including the Audio Systems Committee, the Video Systems Committee and the WAVE Project Technical Working Group. 

Lowe has guided the Basic Performance Rating for Soundbars Working Group and his contributions helped drive the development of Test Methods for Determining A/V Product Energy Efficiency (CTA-2084-A).

Tim Porter

CTA Technology Achievement Award
Tim Porter, MOD Tech Labs

Timothy Porter, CTO of MOD Tech Labs, is a pioneer in Visualization Technology. His work in video games began as an artist and grew into a technical artist role both as an entrepreneur and for corporations, as well as a Pipeline Technical Director in movies at Sony. 

Porter holds numerous leadership positions within CTA including Vice Chair of the XR Committee, and he has been critical to the development of Best Practices for Limited Mobility in XR (CTA-2095).

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