Article | July 19, 2022

How and Why Every Company is a Tech Company

CTA Staff

More and more of the world’s best-known brands, many that are outside the technology space, are demonstrating that every company is a tech company. Businesses that include Colgate-Palmolive, DHL and Goodyear – none of which are typically considered tech companies - are embracing innovative processes and digital tools including AI, robotics, automation and more to improve consumers’ lives. They’re reaping a wide range of benefits as they do it.

Technology continues to propel businesses across the gamut of industry sectors, and companies in non-technical fields are seizing the opportunities it affords. From smart sensors for improved dental health to soybean tires for a cleaner planet, to robots and AI for ultra-efficient shipping, companies are adopting tech-enabled solutions that also make solid business sense.

Here are just three of the many CTA member companies that embody this spirit of innovation.


Continuously pursuing innovation with purpose and an emphasis on collaboration and diversity, Colgate-Palmolive works tirelessly to leverage technology for healthier people, pets and the planet.

A CES 2022 Innovation Awards winner, Colgate pushed the envelope in dental hygiene with hum by Colgate Smart Rhythm, a toothbrush that uses sensors to track duration and frequency of brushing. Colgate also brought to market the world’s first recyclable toothpaste tube. A serial innovator, Colgate’s advances are furthered by 800-plus Global Technology specialists across seven Global Technology Centers. The company is a true tech leader in its sector; in a typical year, across all categories, its teams are granted more than 1000 global patents.


Supply chain and logistics are make-or-break challenges globally for businesses, big and small, in virtually every industry. Knowing this, DHL applies a range of technologies to optimize logistics and package delivery. Its Innovation Centers tackle shipping hurdles through workshops, events and more to identify, define and prioritize value-adding actions through data analytics, AI, robotics, IoT and a range of other technologies.

DHL excels through industry-specific solutions that minimize delays, doubt and damage. A short list of solutions includes DHL Resilience360, DHL SmartSensor, Vision Picking and EffiBOT. The DHL Resilience360 platform employs AI and machine learning to precisely classify global disruptions that can impact package handling and delivery. Platform tools collectively allow businesses to quickly assess and mitigate disruption risk. DHL SmartSensor provides end-to-end monitoring necessary for highly sensitive life sciences and healthcare freight. Vision Picking brings AR and smart glasses into the warehouse to speed order fulfillment. Hands-free warehouse efficiency is furthered by EffiBOT, the fully automated trolley that accompanies order-picking personnel through the warehouse collecting order items and automatically dropping them off in the facility upon order completion.


Tire and rubber giant Goodyear is deftly adapting to advanced mobility for a safer and more sustainable automotive industry. A past CES exhibitor, Goodyear has introduced a variety of advanced products, among them AndGo at CES 2020. This is a vehicle servicing platform that combines predictive software and a national service network to enable consumer fleets to be ready to go when needed. The company and customers also benefit from technologies that further safety and emissions reduction in the manufacturing process. Goodyear Innovation Centers develop and test products and services for optimum fuel efficiency and other performance factors. Innovations include virtual product development and vehicle simulation. An industry first, Goodyear has added compact and fully dynamic driving simulators to its manufacturing process. Doing so, the company has reported, will advance its goal to reduce physical testing iterations of one per SKU.

Goodyear has also made a commitment to sustainability. As the company recently announced, it intends to fully replace petroleum-derived oils by 2040. This journey begins using a bio-based soybean oil compound in place of some petroleum-based materials it uses to produce the popular Metro Miler city transit tires. The new formulation uses surplus and readily available soybean oil, a food-applications byproduct that’s often discarded. These sustainable tires were just one of the solutions Goodyear showcased during CES 2022.

Tech for a Better Tomorrow

Against the odds and despite unprecedented global obstacles, CTA member businesses are relentless in their pursuit of excellence. These examples of ingenious tech show how an intense commitment to a better customer experience can ultimately improve efficiencies, quality and competitive position.

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