Article | March 18, 2021

Meet the 2021 CTA Foundation Pitch Competition Finalists


The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® Foundation is excited to host its annual pitch competition, sponsored by AARP Innovation Labs, highlighting solutions from up-and-coming companies that help older adults. This year, the competition welcomes innovative startups to pitch technology solutions that are helping bring people together and address social isolation and loneliness.

Staying social and staying connected are critical to health for people at any age, and the past year in particular has highlighted the challenges in doing so, as the world maintained physical distancing. Technology companies are aiming to provide platforms to facilitate social interactions.

Learn more about the eight finalists set to pitch their concepts to an expert panel of judges and register to attend the final competition, March 31 — registration is complimentary.

2021 Finalists


A new dating app focused on using voice and video interaction only, Chekmate seeks to reduce the risks associated with online dating and create a transparent experience. The app also partners with local vendors and affiliates so that users can arrange a convenient date within minutes. 


According to Dance4Healing, studies show numerous health benefits resulting from dancing. The Dance4Healing program is designed to change behaviors through 24-hour access to dance classes. The system is able to collect and analyze behavior triggers and help pair users through a buddy system enabled by artificial intelligence (AI). 

Human AI Labs

Personal AI from Human AI Labs aims to empower humans with the benefits of equitable and unbiased AI. The program allows users to retain memories and thoughts with the help of personal AI secured by blockchain. Human AI transforms what users say and write into digital memories for easy and convenient recall at any time.

Immersive Cure LLC

Immersive Cure leverages the power of virtual reality (VR) to offer users a space where they can relax their mind, body and spirit. A mobile VR kit holds experiences tailored to the specific needs and wants of palliative care patients and honors veterans. Travel scenes, meditation and guided imagery allow users to escape to a new surrounding even when they may be bed-bound.


A tabletop console and platform, Gameboard creates an enhanced board game experience by melding the physical and digital worlds. Digital setup and scorekeeping and an unlimited-play game library allow players to move easily among games, try new ones and even save games to return to later. Physical game pieces and cards paired with the patented sense screen allow users to keep the physicality of the classic board games they’ve always loved — with any custom game piece.

Listeners on Call

Access to empathetic, trained listeners can improve organizations’ well-being. Listeners on Call programs connect professionally trained listeners with work teams, scheduling one-on-one personal conversations and weekly check-ins to help improve mood and invest in mental health in the workplace.


Naborforce connects older adults to a network of Nabors for social engagement and on-demand support for errands, transportation and help around the home. Promoted as “backup sons and daughters,” Naborforce helps those living far from more elderly parents provide quality support and help for those they care about.


Short for Quarantine Buddy, QBuddy matches users with an optimal buddy and offers virtual events and community networks for safely distanced virtual friendships. The machine learning algorithm ranks and outputs best possible buddy pairings based on backgrounds and what users are looking for.

Join Us for the Pitch Competition Finals

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