Article | March 20, 2020

These Tech Products Can Help with Self-Care During Stressful Times

In the rapidly evolving circumstances of the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s important to remember that businesses are kept running by people.

It’s easy for all of us to feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed, which is why it’s important to take time to practice self-care and manage mental well-being with healthy coping methods — and encourage your staff and team members to do the same.

These Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® member companies offer products that help minds take healthy breaks.


10Minds offers a variety of soothing massagers that help relieve accumulated fatigue in your scalp, hands, eyes, neck, knees, feet and more. Taking small breaks to recharge and recuperate muscles can reset the mind and body.

The mini massagers help relieve muscle fatigue with strong vibrations, and the knee massager assists with infrared and heated massages to release pain from bending.


Wearable Apollo is scientifically validated to lower stress so that users can focus, get to sleep and have more energy. The watch-shaped device uses gentle vibrations to help the body respond to stress and improves heart rate variability so that users can feel more balanced.

Through the app, users can select from various Apollo modes, including supporting meditation, increasing energy, accelerating recovery and deepening relaxation. Plus, the wearable will help users adapt to optimal breathing and heart rate rhythms to achieve the goal.


Elevate your mental strength with guided meditations and breath training through Core, a CES® 2020 Innovation Award honoree. Soothing pulses in the spherical, palm-sized meditation ball guides users through technique and acts as a reminder to help focus attention.

Core’s electrocardiogram technology tracks the user’s heart rate and provides immediate insight into how their bodies respond to each meditation session.


Healium leverages virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR) travel to allow users to biometrically alter their virtual environment through emotions and decrease their own stress.

The AR/VR experience is powered by the user’s brain patterns to “heal” virtual worlds, which promotes sensations of positivity and healing.

At CES 2019, Healium booth visitors were able to hatch butterflies in the virtual world.

Find Support in the CTA Community

To help CTA members stay connected and informed, and support each other during this trying time, we’ve created a CTA Connect COVID-19 discussion forum.

Talk to your fellow CTA members about the crisis, share best practices for telecommuting and mental health and well-being, and discuss your solutions.

CTA remains committed to helping all our members during this critical time by providing support, insight and expertise.
Gary Shapiro President and CEO, Consumer Technology Association®.

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