Article | March 27, 2020

The Health Companies Addressing a Pandemic

As the number of novel coronavirus cases increases, health care companies are coming together to create and implement tools and resources aimed at helping the world flatten the curve while staying alert, informed and safe.

Digital health innovators have helped monitor the virus, facilitate treatment and address personal health concerns for patients and concerned citizens. From ensuring mental well-being to providing real-time personal health data through a simple sticker, the newly released products of these Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® member companies are helping combat further spread of disease and anxiety.

Best Buy Co. Inc.

Best Buy Health is helping to provide assessments, needed prescriptions and advice on social isolation for senior citizens. The company has also extended its urgent care and nurse care lines to all subscribers and continued with curbside services and doorstep deliveries.


BioIntelliSense has enabled medical-grade Remote Patient Monitoring Hospital at Home (RPM-H@H) via its BioSticker-based data service. The BioSticker is an FDA-cleared 510k class II wearable medical device that enables at-home continuous monitoring of vital signs and symptoms directly associated with COVID-19 (temperature, resting respiratory rate, and coughing frequency) for 30 days on a single device without recharging. The BioButton, specifically designed for employee monitoring, provides continuous temperature and other vital signs monitoring for 90 days on a coin-sized single-use wearable device.


AI-powered digital health company CarePredict developed CarePredict Pinpoint, a contact tracing technology. Through location and path tracking, the solution can help identify those in senior living facilities and nursing homes who have been in contact with an infected resident or staff so that they can be tested and isolated. It can also identify locations within a facility that have been exposed to an infected individual and notify others.

Doctor on Demand

To help meet the increased need for telehealth services, Doctor on Demand is offering remote assessments, 24-hour on-demand doctors, and updated health information and recommendations. From physical health assessments to behavioral and mental health appointments, Doctor on Demand services help patients at home stay safe.


Ginger, a mental health care company founded on a mission of a preventative approach to mental health, understands that COVID-19 isn’t just a pandemic, it is a mental health crisis, too. The company is offering U.S.-based health systems free on-demand behavioral health coaching through the app for their frontline health care workers through June 2020.


Patients with diabetes need to keep exercising while staying at home, so digital exercise therapy company GlucoseZone is offering complimentary services for those living with diabetes.


iBlueButton, a mobile app developed by Humetrix, allows users to review and receive personal health care guidance, including important personalized warnings to users at risk for severe COVID-19 symptoms. Users can annotate and share their up-to-date health information with their providers.


In response to sudden and unprecedented need for critical medical supplies, tech accessories company Nomad has reprioritized its operations to provide medical supplies such as face masks to those fighting this pandemic. Profits from this operation will be donated to fight against COVID-19 as well.


Philips is dramatically increasing production of equipment like respirators in response to the pandemic. The company is also open to potential partnerships with small businesses to expand production for ventilators or other respiratory equipment.


ResMed is working with governments, health authorities, hospitals, physicians and patients worldwide to assess their needs. It is also delivering the ventilation therapy that is essential to treat the respiratory complications of COVID-19.


Validic’s COVID-19 Home Monitoring tracks a person's body temperature, breathing difficulties, cough frequency and oxygen saturation. The remote-monitoring solution provides real-time analysis and escalation of critical health data to care management teams, public health officials and human resource administrators as needed.

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