How Artificial Intelligence Narrows the Content Discovery Gap

The growth of audio and video streaming services has given consumers more content options than ever, creating an overabundance of choice. The wealth of TV shows and music selections may even seem overwhelming to many consumers.

For the content marketer and advertiser, the increasing number of platforms, devices, services and technologies that consumers are using to make their choices can also pose a difficulty. These decision makers are trying to extract insights into how best to get their content in front of the right audiences.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping on both fronts. Machine learning is equipping users with highly personalized content recommendations, and it is also helping advertisers and content producers extract and act on meaningful data to reach their target audiences.

AI for Content Marketers

For streaming platforms to reach their audiences, these businesses are turning to AI to gain insights into what is popular. From discovering the characteristics of higher-ranked content to dissecting audience behavior, AI helps make content creation less guesswork.

With keywords, scheduled social media ad placements, platform-specific data and more, content creators and marketers are now able to break down and leverage the abundance of data that is collected today.

As one example of AI in action, AI-enabled “discover” functions on audio and video streaming platforms help smaller or less mainstream content creators get in front of audiences who have matched interest categories.

AI Recommends a Show

AI technology like natural language processing, which helps computers interpret and manipulate human language, has revolutionized how users interact with and search for content.

Across platforms, users now expect a highly personalized selection of recommendations. Enabled by machine learning, the search for something new to watch or listen to amid choice saturation becomes far more manageable.

Beyond platform recommendations, however, smartly placed advertisements — also based upon machine learning algorithms catered to the user — can play a role in enticing a user to new content.

Browsing is still a top method through which users are discovering their next favorite content to binge. AI is helping make that experience less frustrating for every user and more successful for every content creator hoping they are selected.

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