The Human Component

Technology has the power to solve some of the greatest threats to humanity.

In 2023 the Consumer Technology Association launched ‘Technology’s Golden Age,’ a short film series produced by multi-award winning  BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, highlighting consumer technology and its power to improve quality of life for people of all ages and abilities. In the first eight weeks alone, more than three million people watched the series, a testament to technology’s power to create an inclusive, empowered and healthy society. 

Building on significant interest, the Consumer Technology Association has launched a second series developed by BBC StoryWorks, titled The Human Component, exploring how technology can enhance climate resilience, social inclusion and global health. The new series brings to screen human-centric stories, showcasing the power of technology to help solve big global challenges.

Chapters in this series focus on:

  • A Resilient Planet
  • Stronger Societies
  • Healthier Communities

Join us on this exciting journey as we explore The Human Component and discover how technology is solving some of the world’s biggest challenges 

The Human Component Trailer