CTA/CES Account FAQs

With your CTA/CES Account, you can use a single username and password to access all CES tools and CTA Member benefits.

Where can I use my CTA/CES Account? 

How do I create a CTA/CES Account?

You will be prompted to create a CTA/CES Account the first time you try to access a platform that requires you to sign in. You may also do so directly here.

Go directly to your CTA Member profile, CTA Member Hub, CES Registration or CES Exhibitor Dashboard and you'll be led through an account creation process. 

If you are a CTA Member, please use the email address where you receive communications about CTA membership benefits.

Password Tip: When you create your account, passwords cannot contain your username – the system won’t accept it.

In what situations will I need to create a new CTA/CES Account?

  • You’ve changed jobs since you originally created an account and are not yet registered for CES 2024.
  • Your company email has changed since you originally created an account and are not yet registered for CES 2024.
  • You only created an account for the all-digital CES 2021.
  • You entered a typo in your email when creating your account. Due to security reasons we are unable to update your email address. You must start over and create a new account. 

How do I know if I have a CTA/CES Account?

To check whether you have an existing CTA/CES Account, try creating a new account. If you get a message that says the user already exists, that email address is your CTA/CES Account username. You can then complete the password reset process to access your account, if needed, or sign in.

What is my CTA/CES Account username?

The username for your CTA/CES Account is the email address where you receive communications about CTA membership benefits or CES registration. 

To set up a CTA/CES Account, you must have a unique and verifiable email address.

Tip: Double-check your email address when setting up your account. Due to security reasons we are unable to update email addresses. If you type an error in your email address during the account creating you must start over and create a new account.

I went to CES 2023. Can I use the same username and password?

Yes, if you attended CES 2023, you can use the same CTA/CES Account credentials for CES 2024 and beyond. You can also use that email address to access CTA Member benefits, if that username is where you receive communications about membership.

If you can't remember your password, click "I need help signing in" and then "Forgot password" to start the password reset process.

Note: The all-digital CES 2021 used a different sign-in process than other years. As a result, credentials may not match. If you created your account only for CES 2021, create a new account.

I forgot my CTA/CES Account password. How do I reset it?

Navigate to the password reset page. Or on the sign-in screen, click "I need help signing in" and then "Forgot password." Enter your email address and follow the email prompts.

I did not receive my CTA/CES Account confirmation email. How do I confirm that my account has been activated?

All customers creating a new CTA/CES Account will receive an email confirming their new user name at the email address they used to create the account. If you did not receive the confirmation email, please take the following steps:

Attempt to login with the new account credentials you just created. If your email address was entered correctly during account creation, you will be able to successfully access your account.

  • Check all spam/junk folders.
  • Whitelist noreply@okta.com in your email settings.
  • Ask your company’s IT team to check that emails from noreply@okta.com are not getting caught in spam filters.

I've tried all of the steps above and I still can't access my account. What do I do now?   

For additional help with CTA/CES Account issues, contact Customer Service:

Monday-Friday, 9 AM-5 PM EDT

703-907-7600 (U.S.) or 866-201-1012 (outside the U.S.)

CustomerService@CTA.tech - Provide as much detail as possible describing your issue. Include any relevant screen shots.