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Repair Locations

Electronic devices are increasingly more complicated and integrated. Because of this, and because of the risks posed by chemicals used in lithium-ion batteries when mishandled, certain types of repairs can be extremely detailed and sometimes dangerous to perform without proper training, parts, and equipment.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) support repair networks for their products that deliver safe, effective, and secure services to customers. These repair networks are created by electronics manufacturers to provide consumers with safe options for extending the life of their products.

Customers can be sure that a manufacturer’s repair network will conduct repairs using properly trained and vetted professionals that have the necessary skills to safely and reliably repair products to OEM specifications and standards with OEM-quality parts.

Additionally, OEM repair networks help to ensure customer privacy and data security by contractually limiting personnel access to view, store or use customer data for any purpose other than repairing the customer’s product — a matter of particular importance as products increasingly become part of the Internet of Things.

Please visit the following sites for information on authorized repair service providers and programs specific to the companies listed.

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