CEO Summit

CEO Summit

With the coronavirus outbreak expanding in the US, companies are halting travel, avoiding group gatherings and figuring out the best way to protect employees and serve customers. The CTA wants to help our Members plan effectively during this critical time, so we are canceling all or part of several near-term 2020 events. This will allow our Members to focus on core operations, plan ahead and conserve resources. Canceling meetings at the last minute means frustration and lost expense and no gain for everyone. Planning ahead gives us all more options.

CEO Summit Is Canceled

The CEO Summit (Stockholm, June 22-25) is cancelled. If you have booked travel, please cancel what you can – most airlines and hotels are offering no fees and/or credits for short-term travel cancellations. If you have booked travel for CEO Summit, CTA will be offering a partial reimbursement for cancellation fees incurred. We will provide you with more details in the coming days.

For any questions, please contact the CTA Conferences team.

We appreciate your understanding and your ongoing support of CTA.


CEO Summit is an exclusive, invitation-only event that provides a casual, intimate environment for networking and learning from your peers.

Enjoy three days of executive networking and thought-provoking content from preeminent leaders in the industry.

Sessions Cover the Hottest Tech Topics

Data driving customer engagement.
Technologies revolutionizing the retail experience.
Trends to watch in mobile.
And more...

CEO Summit Attendance Criteria

CTA Membership

Attendees must be from a Regular or Retailer CTA Member Company with $10 Million or more in annual revenue.

CEO, SVP and VPs only

All invited attendees must be senior-level executives or above.

Tech Industry

Invited attendees must be part of a company that is active in the tech industry.

What Attendees Think About CEO Summit

Stephanie Dismore, Managing Director, HP

“[CTA] created an environment where I could have meaningful conversations with longtime partners and meet new players in the industry… The event was highly valuable and a great way to build and connect with so many different people.”

Mike Fasulo, President & COO, Sony Electronics

“The agenda and topics are relevant, thought provoking and delivered by esteemed colleagues and local dignitaries. The attendees are successful business executives with families and guests that are a joy to be with. And maybe most important of all, each and every event I have attended resulted in a post business opportunity from the rich and casual networking opportunities that CTA provides.”

Eric Hsia, Venture Partner and Advisor, TransLink Capital

“At CEO Summit, I reconnected with old friends, met new ones and came away with new ideas and discussion points to follow up on.”

Bridget Karlin, Global CTO and VP, IBM GTS Technology, Innovation & Automation

“CTA's CEO Summit in Prague was an extraordinary experience where we shared technology insights, learned about growth strategies, techniques for improving security in a connected, modern global world, all amidst enjoying the cultural wonders of the most captivating and historic Prague.”