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Lake View

By Miestro Home Integration

The client wanted a smart home that integrated into his exiting Alexa voice eco system. After discussing with Miestro what options the family wanted to explore, we designed a system that provided a Control4 backbone with the ease of Alexa voice commands.

A whole-home network from Araknis provided the robust wifi needed for all the technology to communicate reliably. Miestro installed a fiber optics infrastructure from each network junction which included the gate that was over 1000ft away and several outbuildings equally difficult to retrofit wire to. The network rivals any metropolitan internet even in this very rural estate.

A surcall cell booster system, IP surveillance and several TV lifts in the project added to the list of cool technology the client desired.

The family room was an important location since it overlooked the lake and the client expected an unobstructed view from the newly built addition. Extremely tall ceilings, lots of glass and a very low cabinet made the traditional options non-viable so we had to get really creative.

Working with the local builder, cabinet maker and homeowner, Miestro designed a stealth TV lift that could house the largest display the cavity could hold. The result is a 77” OLED display that when retracted, sits below the floor surface and into the floor joist to achieve the lowest possible cabinet in the family room. This allowed the client to use this room for watching TV, listening to music all while maintains perfect views of the beautiful lake.

A movie theater featuring Pro Audio Technologies and Kinetics stretch fabric walls bring the family together in a way not possible in other areas of the home. This dedicated Atmos theater located in the lower level of the home brought the best movies to life for the family of five.

Custom LED lighting throughout the home helped personalize the areas on holidays, game day and every day in between.

The Sonos powered music system in ten zones along with a dedicated 2.1 audio package from James Loudspeaker in the family room provide ease of use with optimal sound quality the client desired. A dedicated music room with premium components topped the list of items we were asked to deliver upon completion of the project.

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