Projects | Health And Wellness Project of the Year

Healthy Living Experience Showroom in Westchester, NY

by RePure

How do we define health and well-being? The Constitution of the WHO adopted over seven decades ago states,

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmary.”

We took on the challenge of creating a showroom an hour north of NYC in a beautiful and serene setting that would showcase an advanced healthy living ecosystem that positively affects our physical, mental, and social well-being.

In the same way an architect or interior designer would strive to create homes for people that deliver on all the tenets of the human condition, we endeavored to turn a space that was once mindless into an intuitive one that integrates devices, products, and systems to deliver functionality that transforms the home into a system that operates much like the human body. It could never match the intricate workings of the human body, but the technology used would allow for biomimicry at a fundamental level.

For example, the HVAC system acts as the home’s respiratory system filtering out pollutants, bringing in outdoor air when needed, providing optimal humidity levels, and ensuring good overall indoor air quality. Without a high-performing whole-house filter, occupants themselves become the filter. These IAQ systems will allow families to adapt to the ever-growing exposure to respiratory viruses and novel strains.

The plumbing system mirrors our alimentary tract, delivering a clean supply of water for consumption and an outlet for waste to be removed. The World Wildlife Federation revealed that “You eat or breathe in about 2,000 tiny plastic particles each week. Most are ingested from bottled and tap water.” Other studies show alarming levels of forever chemicals, arsenic, and lead being found in tap water samples across the US. Therefore, it is more vital than ever to have a high-performing water purification system to protect people’s health.

When we consider the circulatory system, our blood carries life-sustaining elements that nourish every cell and organ in our body. It also removes waste. People make up the heart of a home so designing a space that reduces high-stress levels and contributes positively to one’s physical, mental, and social well-being is critical in helping people navigate through a post-Covid world that is filled with uncertainty.

Each system is powerful even in isolation but an integrated system that takes modern architecture and design, and places nature at the center of the design process is crucial in addressing the global climate and health crisis. By combining modern technologies with ancient architectural wisdom, we were able to transform a space into one that allows us to usher in a new dawn for homes that will be capable of regenerating both human and planetary health.

The quaint 2,500 square-foot property sitting on 2 acres of pristine nature and situated in a town with no traffic lights shows off RePure's integrated air and water quality solution capabilities as well as its renewable energy production.

RePure is a leading supplier of best-in-class health and wellness solutions for residential applications available through professional installers. It offers monitoring and filtration technologies for indoor air and water, including the hardware, software and support services required to make a smart home a healthier home.

We care passionately about helping families create a healthy and smart home environment. We aim to educate people on indoor air and water quality issues while also introducing the latest technology to make for a safer and more efficient home. We only offer products that have passed the test in our own homes and contain all the qualities that anyone would want—highest build quality, best in class, great design, energy efficient, long lasting and easy to use.