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The CTA Foundation's mission is to link seniors and people with disabilities with technology to enhance their lives, and we have been able to assist innovative nonprofits to make a difference. 

The CTA Foundation: Helping Improve the Quality of Life with Technology

#AccessibleOlli Self-Driving Bus

In 2017 the CTA Foundation, Local Motors, and IBM came together to crowd source ideas for an ideal experience for people of all ages and abilities in a self-driving vehicle. At CES 2018 the #AccessibleOlli was on display incorporating technology from 16 additional partners. Details on the project can be found in the following articles:

  • #AccessibleOlli Showcases Startup Tech at CES 2018
  • AccessibleOlli Drives us Forward at CES
  • The Must-Experience Vehicle at CES 2018: AccessibleOlli
  • AccessibleOlli Debuts at CES 2018

I used to read 5 papers a day, 10 magazines a week, and for pleasure I’d read 30-40 books a year. That all stopped. I couldn’t read anything. And all of a sudden I can do all those things again thanks to technological devices. Very, very exciting and very liberating.
— Bernie, Lighthouse Guild Participant

CTA Foundation Research on Aging

Outthink Aging Collaboration with IBM

The CTA Foundation Collaborated with IBM to produce Outthink Aging which explored how technology such as cognitive computing can address the challenges experienced by a growing aging population. Get more information and read the report.

Active Aging Study

The CTA Foundation collaborated with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® to create the Active Aging Study that highlights the consumer market of older adults and their caregivers that amounts to 85 million people. Read about the study in i3.

Mobility and Aging in Rural America Reports
The CTA Foundation supported Grantmakers in Aging in the creation of two reports focused on the use of existing and emerging technologies to address the transportation needs of people in rural America. Both reports can be accessed at Grantmakers in Aging.




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