Self-Driving Vehicles

Self-driving vehicles (SDVs) will transform our world – from providing contactless delivery of medical supplies, groceries and essentials to increasing mobility options for seniors and people with disabilities and in rural communities. SDVs will save thousands of lives every year, reducing accidents and fatalities on our roads.

A federal framework should remove unnecessary barriers and expedite deployment of SDV technology. Policymakers must prioritize policy initiatives that encourage innovation in this emerging and growing market.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is the sole regulatory authority of vehicle performance standards. The industry needs clarification of the role of the federal, state and local governments to prevent a patchwork of conflicting laws and updated Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) to foster innovative approaches to safety and design.

Thoughtful public policy and clear and consistent rules will drive this technology forward and keep the United States at the forefront of global SDV development.  

Policy Priorities

Congress must enact federal legislation to minimize or eliminate conflicting laws across the nation.
Increase the number of exemptions for FMVSS and broaden eligibility.
Update FMVSS that conflict with the concept of a self-driving vehicle.
Be technology neutral.
Open roads for testing.