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Tell Congress to Protect Free Online Speech

Your right to online free speech — our ability to freely exchange ideas with the world — is at risk.

Right now, members of Congress are working to gut Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, the commonsense law that protects our internet freedom by making individuals, not platform hosts, responsible for what they say online. 

This could mean mind-boggling levels of online censorship for our country, giving partisan political appointees the power to decide what you are and aren’t allowed to say online.

Without Section 230, our leadership as the world's most innovative country — and your very First Amendment rights — are in danger.

Tell your members of Congress to protect American innovation, defend your right to free speech and fight for the online freedom Section 230 protects.


Online Speech

We oppose efforts to weaken Section 230 and make the internet a less vibrant platform for culture, commerce and competition.