AM Radio

America Doesn’t Need a Federal AM Radio Mandate

Freedom of choice and technological progress are under threat by special interests in Washington pushing a proposed mandate to require AM radio in all new cars. Mandating AM radio would be like mandating CD or cassette players in new vehicles.

This outdated and counterproductive measure will stifle innovation and impose unnecessary costs on automakers, ultimately increasing prices for consumers. AM radio reception is especially challenging and costly in new electric vehicles due to signal interference.

Our vehicles have come a long way from the era of the Model T and Congress should be focused on more important issues than mandating a 100-year-old technology in new cars.

CTA U.S. Adult Emergency Alert Survey 2023

Most people don’t need an AM radio in their cars to get information in an emergency. A CTA study found that 95% of U.S. adults received the emergency alert on their mobile phones, while only 1% got the alert via AM radio.