Turning Your House into a Smart Home

What is a Smart Home?
SMART HOME TECHNOLOGY, also called home automation or connected home, is one of the fastest growing area of technology today. A smart home,  is essentially a home in which the  appliances and electrical subsystems, like lighting, heating/air conditioning and alarm and fire detection security, are all more accessible and integrated so that they work together. Smart home systems are usually connected to the Internet via your home network, which means that you can view your system status and make adjustments  even when you’re 1,000 miles away. You can also access your system in your house over your home network, through your smartphone or tablet.

Smart home systems don’t need to be confusing or intimidating. You can add smart home devices to your house one at a time, or design a whole system and install it in a weekend. Many people begin with something simple, like a smart thermostat or a wireless security camera, and then add devices, and eventually integrate them all together. Today’s smart home systems and devices are easy to install, easy to use, affordable and can be scaled to both large and small homes, even apartments.

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