Press Release | June 19, 2019

China Tariffs Are Taxes on Consumers' Favorite Tech, Says CTA

Bronwyn Flores Tyler Suiters

The Trump administration’s proposed 25% tariff on $300 billion in goods imported from China would increase the prices Americans pay for cell phones, laptops, tablets and video game consoles, according to a new study commissioned by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). If the list 4 tariffs take effect, Americans will pay between $50 and $120 more apiece for many of their favorite technology products.

“Tariffs are taxes, paid by American consumers – and these new tariffs would be a burden on American families just as they start back-to-school shopping,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CTA. “U.S. consumers, not China, pay the price for tariffs – what more proof does the White House need? It’s time for this administration to put American small businesses, workers and families first and make a deal with China.”

Key findings include:

  • The cost of cell phones imported from China would increase by 22%, and the average cell phone will cost $70 more for U.S. consumers

  • The cost of laptops imported from China would increase by 21%, and the average laptop will cost$120 more for U.S. consumers

  • The cost of tablets imported from China would increase by 21%, and the average tablet will cost about $50 more for U.S. consumers

  • The cost of video game consoles imported from China would increase by 21%, and the average video game console will cost about $56 more for U.S. consumers

The list 4 tariffs also include connected consumers devices that were not on previous tariff lists, such as fitness activity trackers, smartwatches and wireless earbuds,. U.S. consumers would pay over 6% more for these products, if the tariffs take effect. In addition, the new tariffs would cost more than 2 million U.S. jobs, add more than $2,000 in costs for the average American family of four and reduce the value of U.S. GDP by 1%.
The full study can be found here and CTA’s comments to USTR on list 4 can be found here.
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