Charting the Industry 

CTA’s comprehensive market research includes industry sales statistics, forecasts, economic analysis and consumer data valued at more than $3 million annually, helping members make informed business decisions. The technology community, financial markets, media and economists rely on CTA’s industry knowledge. CTA member companies also can access CTA’s library staff’s expertise, publications, webinars, presentations and research events. 

In response to the COVID-19 health crisis, CTA is providing webinars, research and links to government data. The Weekly CTA Tech Use and Purchase Tracker: COVID-19 Impact report monitors consumer usage and purchases across tech categories. CTA also provides online information for small businesses on where to find loans and governmenst relief. And CTA and American Telemedicine Association launched a new website of telehealth tech solutions to assist the health care industry during the coronavirus outbreak,

CTA’s Research Summit at CES 2020

The tenth annual CTA Research Summit at CES 2020 featured 12 sessions held over three days. Programming included a mix of stand-alone presentations and panel sessions by CTA thought leaders and speakers from key sponsors such as Boston Consulting Group, Cox Automotive, GfK, HERE Technologies, L’Oréal, the NPD Group, Procter & Gamble, Segway-Ninebot, Siemens Mobility and Veoneer. The Research Summit attracted more than 3700 unique attendees and over 17,000 live views — a record. Topics included: CES 2020 trends, automotive and mobility solutions, 5G use cases, climate change, the digitization of personal care products, data insights from routine consumer behaviors and building trust in tech.

CTA’s professional librarians are a valuable members-only resource, using CTA research as well as many respected resources on the consumer technology industry.

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Participate in CTA webinars and presentations led by industry experts for insights into industry research and trends, including seasonal updates, political events and economic overviews. CTA’s webinars are free to members.

CTA Publications

Provides members with tech and industry news.


It Is Innovation (i3) – CTA’s flagship magazine focuses on innovation in technology, policy and business as well as the entrepreneurs and startups that grow the consumer technology industry. i3’s content is also online.

Digital America

Digital America – An educational resource this tech publication offers insights, trends, market research, data and analysis across 10 product categories.

5 Technology Trends to Watch

Five Technology Trends to Watch – Published annually, Five Techs uses CTA market research and analysis as well as third-party research to predict which products and services will transform consumers' lives.

CTA Smartbrief

CTA SmartBrief – This free, daily e-newsletter provides a summary of the top tech news stories to keep insiders informed.

Industry Sales Data

CTA delivers industry sales statistics – past, present and future – in the following reports: 

CTA Quarterly Outlook Reports – Measures current and future performance of key CT categories by providing analysis, forecasting and perspective on shipments, purchase intent, ownership rates and addressable market.

U.S. Consumer Technology Sales & Forecasts Extended Forecasts – Published twice a year, CTA’s most detailed sales and forecasts report provides a five-year outlook on hundreds of products and features, an extension of the U.S. Consumer Technology Sales and Forecasts report.

U.S. Consumer Technology Sales & Forecasts – The benchmark for the consumer technology industry, measuring the size and growth of nearly 100 individual consumer technology products.

Historical Consumer Technology Sales Data – A comprehensive database of factory unit and dollar sales, average wholesale price and household penetration rates across more than 80 categories of consumer technology products.

Consumer Research

CTA researchers conduct more than 30+ reports each year, including these recent and upcoming releases:

  • Smart Infrastructure: Building & Mobility Solutions for U.S. Smart Cities (2019)
  • The Sharing Economy: 2019 Consumer Sentiment (2019)
  • 2019 Consumer Audio Market: A Segmentation Analysis (2019)
  • Guidance for Wearable Health Solutions (2020)
  • What Works: Hiring and Retention Best Practices (2020)
  • Emerging Technology in Canada: 2019 Consumer Sentiment (Part 2 of 2) (2020)

  • Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality: 2019 Consumer Sentiment (2020)
  • CABA Smart Home as a Service Landmark Research Executive Summary 2020 (2020)
  • Coronavirus Member Impact Study (2020)
  • 22nd Annual U.S. Ownership and Market Potential
  • 5th Annual Canada Ownership and Market Potential
  • Smart Home Wellness
  • Travel and Technology
  • Audio Board Study*
  • Vehicle Tech Board Study*
  • CEC Board Study*

  • Retail Board Study*
  • Self-Driving Vehicles: Consumer Sentiments 2020
  • Health and Privacy Study*
  • Reinvigorating Value-Based Health Care:
  • Exploring the Role of Technology Innovation
  • Future of Work 2020
  • Diversity and Inclusion Research Part 1 – Member Landscape*
  • Blockchain Benefits/Impact*
  • “Bandwidth Calories” Consumer Survey*
    *Title TBD

* Title TBD