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Dr. Amy Serin and Vicki Mayo, Co-Founders of TouchPoint

Caitlin Cline

Vicki Mayo started her first business at age 14 and sold it by age 17. With six companies under her belt, she’s no stranger to entrepreneurship and growing businesses from launch to sale. TouchPoint Solution, based out of Arizona, is Mayo’s latest endeavor and was born out of a chance meeting with leading clinical euro psychologist, Dr. Amy Serin in 2015.

Dr. Serin — who is the co-founder and chief science officer of TouchPoint — created BLAST (Bilateral Alternating Stimulation Tactile) a stress reducing, patent-pending technology. By teaming up with Mayo, the two were able to make stress-reduction simple — in the past year alone TouchPoints were used more than one million times.

Stress is something Americans know all too well — a 2017 Gallup poll found eight in ten Americans encounter stress in their daily lives, with 44 percent experiencing daily stress frequently. Prolonged stress can lead to a range of serious health issues such as heart problems, autoimmune disease or diabetes.

Reducing Stress

But, Mayo is a problem solver and knew TouchPoint could be the answer.

“What we’re offering to people is the ability to de-stress at the touch of a button. We’re not going to cure everybody’s problems, but, we’re giving access to this incredible tool that — combined with a holistic lifestyle and the desire to want to live a more stress-free and mindful kind of lifestyle — is the gateway to help you get there,” says Mayo.

TouchPoint is made up of two separate BLAST-powered wearables which work by being placed on opposite sides of the body. Together, they transmit rhythmic, haptic vibrations and can reduce stress by up to 70 percent in 30 seconds.

“We just released a triple blind placebo-controlled trial showing that TouchPoints actually reduce your cortisol levels, which is huge. It’s a game changer,” says Mayo. At CES, attendees lined up for real-time electroencephalogram (EEG) scans that illustrated the impact TouchPoint has on the brain. “We have a huge waitlist every year because people want to see it,” says Mayo.

TouchPoint Solution was founded on the principles of giving back and helping others. Knowing how life-changing their technology is, Dr. Serin and Mayo actively work to ensure it’s accessible to all. “We tried to make sure our technology was affordable but, we know there are still cases where the price is out of reach. We have a scholarship program where people can f ill out an application on our website to get a set of TouchPoints for free. It’s based off financial need,” says Mayo. The company also works with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to get TouchPoint in all the clubs in Arizona.

A Tech Focus

Mayo, who was raised in Sedona, AZ, believes the state is the perfect hub for the tech industry. “When people think of startups they think of Silicon Valley and some of the up and coming areas where there is a vibrant startup community and a lot of entrepreneurs doing really good work. I think Arizona is at the top of that,” says Mayo. “We’ve got such a great influx of incredible talent.”

Since their first successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016 — where they raised over $75,000 — their business has continued to boom. TouchPoint is now available in the U.S., European Union and Australia, with hopes to expand distribution to eight additional countries bringing TouchPoint to retail fronts.

Caitlin Cline
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