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Issue March/April 2019

It Is Innovation March/April 2019
i3 | March/April 2019

Tech on the Horizon

We are on the threshold of advances set to transform businesses and the global economy. CES 2019 provided a glimpse of some of the disruptive technologies that are profoundly changing lives. In this issue, we look at 5G tech that was the talk of the show in multiple sessions. During the keynote from Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg, he explained the “currencies” of 5G that will blend physical and digital worlds using the Internet of Things, augmented and virtual reality, arti cial intelligence (AI), self-driving vehicles, advanced robotics, 3D printing and wearable tech. 5G will connect millions more devices to the internet and promises to dramatically increase download speeds while providing a host of new services to consumers.


Smart City Skyline
Smart Cities

A Look at what is working in Estonia – the world’s smatest smart city.

Car Technology
CES 2019 Car Tech Roundup
CES Eureka Park
Eureka Park Profiles

A look at 10 interesting startups that exhibited at CES 2019.


Dr. Carmichael Roberts

Carmichael Roberts

Taiwan Skyline
International Focus


Flying Helicopter Taxi
C4 Trends

It’s a Flying Taxi

Smoke Alarm

Extending Consumer Tech to Save Lives

A Technology to Watch

The Dawn of 5G


Guest Blog
How Uber Grew its Diversity from the Ground Up
Policy News
Brian Kuehle: Farmers for Free Trade
Policy Update
Vietnam as an Alternative
Faces of Innovation
Dr. Amy Serin and Vicki Mayo, Co-Founders of TouchPoint
Tech Hub
Indiegogo: More than a Crowdfunding Site


C Space
Streaming Video Picks Up
Forward Strategies
Staying Competitive in a Connected Business World
By the Numbers
CES 2019: the Future of Home Robotics
Retail Strategies
Profitable New Categories Set for Retail Rollout
Advice for Entrepreneurs
What’s Your Three Word Mantra?
CT Reports
CTAF: Increasing Social Connections
Market Beat
Innovation Propels Industry Revenues to New Highs

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