i3 | October 04, 2018

International Focus: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mark Chisholm

Nissan Powers Arena with Leaf Batteries

Nissan has used a battery-based energy storage system from the Leaf, its electric vehicle (EV) model, to power the Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam. The system can store up to three megawatts of power — equivalent to 148 Leaf batteries — lessening dependence on the energy grid. The system joins the arena’s 4,200 solar panels and can serve as a backup in a power outage. The Johan Cruijff ArenA is one of the most sustainable stadiums in the world.

CES Unveiled Amsterdam

Nearly 80 companies from the Netherlands and surrounding region displayed their technologies at the second annual CES Unveiled Amsterdam. Check out the video below to get a taste of the innovation that will be on hand at CES 2019:

New Coding School in Amsterdam

In September, Codam Coding College opened offering persons aged 18 to 30 free coding lessons. Founded by Corinne Vigreux, cofounder of TomTom, Codam’s curriculum aims to prepare the future workforce. “As a tech entrepreneur, I am acutely aware of the shortage of good software engineers. We don't just need more young people with the right skills; the right mindset, drive and creativity are also essential,” explains Vigreux. Visit Codam.nl.

3D-Printed Bridge

Joris Laarman, a Dutch designer, has collaborated with an Amsterdam-based robotics startup to 3D print a bridge spanning an Amsterdam canal. Laarman worked with MX3D to print the 12-meter steel bridge with the help of a team of robots. MX3D expects to install the bridge by October 2018.

Netherlands Experimenting With Digital Identity Cards

This fall, the Dutch government will begin to experiment with digital identity cards in Utrecht and Eindhoven. Participants can identify themselves via an app on their smartphones that is opened via biometric data. The app is activated via fingerprint scanning or facial recognition, and users can choose what information is displayed – for example, a simple identification including a name and birthdate, or a more extensive form of identification such as a passport.

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