i3 | December 10, 2018

Apprectice.io CEO and Co-founder Angelo Stracquatanio

Caitlin Cline

Apprentice.io is proving that tech’s incorporation in the workplace is very beneficial. Its industrial augmented reality (AR) glasses are changing how scientists, engineers and manufacturers interact with complex work environments and give an unparalleled sense of control and efficiency. The innovative glasses allow professionals to work hands-free while having access to pertinent information to help them reach their full potential.

How did Apprentice get its start?

I had close relationships with professionals in the pharma and biotech space who would talk about the billion dollar losses, massive production delays and lost batches all caused by human error. Hearing these stories completely changed the way I thought about how humans operate in complex, compliance-driven environments. With my background in development, I knew that with the right technology, these errors were avoidable. I began to develop a solution to address these pain points and empower the scientists and engineers operating in the lab or manufacturing suite.

How does Apprentice incorporate AR in its products?

We developed the first conversational augmented reality and artificial intelligence platform to significantly improve complex workplace processes conducted by scientists in the lab or operators/engineers in manufacturing suites. We use AR and machine learning to provide users with live AR demonstrations, SOPs, direct real-time feedback for performance correction and hands-free data capture. We also use AR for risk-free training, audit-readiness and global communication, ushering in the next wave of human potential. Our pharma and biotech clients are specifically using our AR tech to conduct research and safely manufacture drugs that most of us have either heard of or take regularly.

How is it helping create a safer workplace?

We like to say that we don’t just augment reality; we augment human ability. The Apprentice platform magnifies human capability, which directly increases safety, control and reliability in the workplace. With our solution, users are equipped with all of the critical data they need in order to understand a task and perform it flawlessly. It will alert users before an error is made and provide the correct next steps.

Can you talk about the software behind Apprentice?

Our technology is built industry compliant and platform independent, able to run on various devices from ARCore/ARKit for mobile, through monocular smart glasses like RealWear HMT, to full immersive AR on HoloLens or Magic Leap smart glasses. Our solution experts first evaluate each of our customer’s needs and then determine which type of device, or combination of devices, will be most beneficial for each unique environment.

How do you see AR changing in the next five years?

AR has evolved into one of the most promising digital technologies. It is transforming all major enterprise industries and changing the way companies compete for space. The truth is that when applied smartly, AR can unleash a workforce’s fullest potential. Industry leaders are realizing this and are accepting this tech as the way of the future. Imagine easily visualizing procedures and checking for errors before making them or intelligently scanning and recording data just by looking at it. AR is all about the user experience and discovering new ways that technology can help humans achieve goals and learn from that interaction.

On the consumer side, AR will continue to bring new opportunities for engaging with customers and creating a brand experience. Enterprise AR will become a common solution for building a stronger workforce. With the ability to communicate in real time across the world and the capability to access critical data at a moment’s notice, the possibilities are endless.


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