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Issue July/August 2018

i3 July/August 2018 Cover Issue
i3 | July/August 2018

Keeping it Simple

Innovation is a mindset. It can be as simple as a unique twist on an idea that adds new value. Or it can be as complex as an entirely new paradigm that will forever change how people live. Entrepreneurs often think in a compelling way. Instead of saying that a concept will never work, they flip it and say, how can I make my idea viable?


Mountain and Periodic Table
Pay Dirt

A new treasure trove of rare earth elements will enable future devices.

Lidar logo
LiDAR Lights the Way

Automakers are pursuing new ways a self-driving car can react to the people and objects along its path using LiDAR.

How Cryptocurrency Is Impacting Traditional Sports/Esports

The sports world is exploring cryptocurrency, although it’s treading softly into these new financial waters.


iRobot Founder Colin Angle
iRobot’s Colin Angle
Tokyo, Japan
International Focus
Tokyo, Japan
Color Spectrum
Technology to Watch
Color eReader Tech Close to Prime Time
Lightbulb of ideas
There’s No Place like a Smart Home
Ethernet cables
Technical Standards, Revenue and Profit


Policy Update
The State of Tariffs and Trade
Guest Blog
A Trade Tale of Two Companies
Policy News
Foreign Leaders Attend Digital Patriots Dinner
Faces of Innovation
LifeFuel CEO and Founder Jonathon Perrelli
Tech Hub
Case Western Reserve University’s LaunchNet


C Space
AI Gets Creative
Tech Tactics
How AI will Transform Business Models
Forward Strategies
How to Recruit and Retain Top Tech Talent
By the Numbers
VR Gains Momentum, with an Eye Toward 5G and 8K
Retail Strategies
AR and Voice Tech Grab Customers
Advice for Entrepreneurs
Thank you. No, Thank you.
CT Reports
CES Asia 2018
Market Beat
Fetch the Opportunity of Pet Technology

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