i3 | November 21, 2017

Five Exciting Products from CES Unveiled New York

Jeremy Snow

In early November, CES Unveiled New York brought dozens of exhibitors and startups together to show off some of the most promising products in the tech industry. While these companies will also be joining more than 3,900 other companies at CES 2018 in January, this time the show floor was theirs as they presented to investors and media. From the latest developments in VR to robots ready to roll around your living room, CES Unveiled New York was just a taste of the amazing businesses and technologies that await at CES in Las Vegas. 

Mayfield Robotics

Last year, Mayfield Robotics launched Kuri, a first-of-its-kind intelligent robot, at CES. The two-foot robot-on-wheels captured the hearts of attendees as it rolled back and forth, showing how it could help around the house. Now, Kuri is back and ready for CES 2018 and its release next year. Within its round body and swiveling head are sensors enabling it to react to your touch, microphones to hear you, and a camera to record its environment. It even has gestural mechanics, so it can nod, blink and move its head around. Kuri is designed to be everything you need, ranging from a music player, to a home assistant and even a personal photographer.  


During the showcase, you may have noticed attendees whiz across the floor on what seemed like a black box. Don’t worry – it was just Kevin O’Donnell’s new invention. Part scooter, part luggage, Modobag is a new way to get around the airport, campus or anywhere else. Just take a seat on the cart, which doubles as a TSA, FAA and ITA-compliant luggage bag and take off on the electrically-powered vehicle. On one charge, it can travel up to six miles and can reach up to eight mph, and even comes with a dual USB charger. 

Modobag has already raised more than 650 percent of their goal on an Indiegogo campaign and are currently shipping their product to early supporters. 

Black Box VR

Strap on a VR headset, grab the resistant bars and experience one of the most unique workout experiences yet. Black Box offers the “world’s first reality gym experience” by combining a full-body workout with a video game-like presentation. You’ll still be doing normal strength building workouts with resistance bands, but with the headset, your normal reps become “more like a futuristic sport than a video game,” according to the company website. And with the integrated cable pulley system, artificial intelligence and machine learning modules will track your progress and learn how to ensure you are getting the most out of each of your workouts. 

Black Box will be featured in gyms across Manhattan and Beverly Hills before expanding and providing licensing opportunities for gym chains. And eventually, they hope to open their own VR-centric gyms. There is also a beta version available for those anxious to get started. 

Orfeo Soundworks

Orfeo earbud’s design is simple: they took a normal earbud and put a microphone in it. Their noise-blocking Bluetooth earphones not only offer high audio quality, but use voice recognition to understand the difference between background music and your own voice. As a result, ORFEO’s products will cancel out ambient sound, making your voice crystal clear on the other side. You can even use it with voice assistant software in loud areas. As they get ready to bring their product to market, there’s already hype thanks to their inclusion as a 2018 CES Innovation Award Honoree.


NUVIZ is the first all-in-one heads-up display for motorcycle riders that makes it like having a map, camera and more inside your helmet. It’s a simple device that provides plenty of hands-free features. The transparent, hologram-like display will show your phone calls, music library, a map, a video recorder and a plethora of other information that you can control from your handlebar. Just clip NUVIZ onto whatever motorcycle helmet you use, and immediately start taking advantage of these new features. 

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