The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® MarketMetrics program, geared toward manufacturers, monitors the health of the U.S. consumer technology industry through a range of product-oriented reports that track shipment volumes and revenues.

What Are CTA MarketMetrics Reports?

MarketMetrics reports aggregate monthly manufacturer shipments and project the total U.S. market. Reports are structured around product features or underlying technologies and are brand agnostic.

Questions That MarketMetrics Data Address

  • What is my sell-in share?
  • Are my sales growing at the same rate as the industry?
  • Which features are driving sales in my product category?
  • Why is it important for a retailer to stock my product?

Get Access to MarketMetrics Reports

You can subscribe to MarketMetrics reports, and subscriptions are typically for 12 months. CTA members are eligible for a discount.

Our monthly and quarterly reports are based in MS Excel but are available in other formats, including customized analysis.

To subscribe, email Rick Kowalski.

Participate in the MarketMetrics Program

If you’re a manufacturer, you may participate in the program by confidentially and securely reporting your shipment data to CTA to inform the market projections for a given report.

In exchange for reporting shipments, you’ll receive deep discounts on MarketMetrics reports.

To participate in the program, email Rick Kowalski.