Press Release | May 19, 2020

CTA Statement on FCC Vote to Streamline Wireless Infrastructure

Elliot Grimm
The following statement is attributed to Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, regarding the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) announcement that it will vote to further streamline the regulations for wireless infrastructure siting:

“The FCC’s announcement today is welcome news for America’s consumers and tech innovators. 5G will help power the future—enabling the consumer technology industry to develop products that will improve our lives. For theseinnovations to reach their full potential, broadband providers must be able toreadily deploy and upgrade their wireless networks. The FCC is making this possible by streamlining the regulatory process to encourage network buildout and, by doing so, it will help our society achieve the benefits of 5G. The critical importance of internet connectivity has been highlighted by the pandemic, as Americans rely on broadband to access vital information, remain productive at work and stay in touch with loved ones.”