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Video Systems Standards

The Video Systems Committee develops interface, interoperability and functionality standards for video technologies, providing guidance to equipment manufacturers, cable operators and broadcasters on

  • televisions, including HDTV and 4K Ultra High-Definition
  • cable/consumer device compatibility
  • set-top boxes
  • energy consumption

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Name Date IP Proffers
CTA-CEB16-B Jul 2017 Buy
CTA-CEB32.3 Dec 2017 Buy
CTA-CEB32-4 Dec 2017 Buy
CTA-CEB32.5 Jun 2017 Buy
CTA-CEB3 R-2009 (Withdrawn) Aug 1998 Buy
CTA-CEB4 S-2013 Aug 1998 Buy
CTA-CEB11-C Jan 2015 Buy
CTA-CEB20 R-2013 Jul 2009 Buy
CTA-CEB25 Apr 2016 Buy
CTA-CEB25-A Dec 2016 Buy
CTA-CEB26-B Nov 2014 QualcommIPProfferForCEACEB26.pdf Buy
CTA-CEB27 Dec 2016 Buy
CTA-23-B R-2014 Apr 2010 Buy
CTA-109-D R-2015 (ANSI) Jun 2010 Buy
CTA-542-D Jun 2013 Buy
CTA-544-C R-2014 Sep 2014 Buy
CTA-639 (ANSI) Dec 2010 Buy
CTA-774-C (ANSI) Nov 2014 Buy
CTA-909-B (ANSI) Jan 2011 CEA-909-B_IP-Prof_HITACHI.pdf
CTA-909-B R-2016 (ANSI) Aug 2016 Buy
CTA-2013-A (ANSI) (Withdrawn) Jul 2007 CTA-2013-IP-Thomson-pdf.pdf Buy
CTA-2022 (ANSI) (Withdrawn) Aug 2007 Buy
CTA-2028-B (ANSI) Nov 2014 Buy
CTA-2032-B (ANSI) Nov 2014 Buy
CTA-2038 (ANSI) Dec 2012 Buy
CTA-2038 R-2017 (ANSI) May 2017 Buy
CTA-2041 (ANSI) Jun 2012 Buy
CTA-2043 (ANSI) Aug 2013 Buy
CTA-TVSB-5 S-2015 Jul 1985 Buy
CTA-TR-1 Jun 2012 Buy
CTA-2037-B Jan 2018 Buy

Open Projects

Each CTA standards committee has a variety of open projects that aim to grow the consumer technology industry.

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Television Antenna Marks, CTA-2028, CTA-2032A pair of product marks for TV antennas. One is used to identify outdoor antennas that comply the CTA-2028 standard, and to indicate what level of performance the antenna provides.