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Consumer Electronics Networking Standards

The Consumer Electronics Networking Committee develops standards addressing networking and the sharing of information through interfaces, including

  • network security
  • control signals
  • powerline networks
  • fiber optic networks
  • twisted pair networks
  • Ethernet networks
  • electronic program guides

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Name Date IP Proffers
ANSI/CTA-931-C S-2018 Jan 2018 Buy
CTA-709.1-D (ANSI) Apr 2014 Buy
CTA-709.2 S-2017 (ANSI) Nov 2017 Buy
CTA-709.2-A R-2012 Jun 2000 Buy
CTA-709.3 R-2015 (ANSI) Dec 1999 Buy
CTA-709.4 (ANSI) Feb 2013 Buy
CTA-709.5 (ANSI) Sep 2015 Buy
CTA-709.6 (ANSI) Sep 2015 Buy
CTA-851-A (ANSI) Jul 2006 Buy
CTA-851.1-A R-2014 Feb 2009 Buy
CTA-851.2-A Mar 2011 Buy
CTA-852.1-A (ANSI) Apr 2014 Buy
CTA-852-C (ANSI) Apr 2014 Buy
CTA-860-A Dec 2002 Buy
CTA-2002-A Feb 2009 Buy
CTA-931-C R-2012 (ANSI) Dec 2007 CTA-931-C_IP_Proffer_Thomson.pdf Buy
CTA-2005 R-2013 (ANSI) Aug 2006 CTA-2005_IP_Proffer_Philips.pdf
CTA-2014-B (ANSI) Jan 2011 ANSI-CTA-2014-IP-Proffer-Hitatchi.pdf
CTA-2018 R-2016 (ANSI) Mar 2008 ANSI-CTA-2018-Preview.pdf Buy
CTA-2027-B Oct 2007 Buy
CTA-2033 R-2016 (ANSI) Mar 2008 Buy
CTA-2048 (ANSI) Dec 2014 Buy
CTA-2049 (ANSI) Apr 2016 Buy
CTA-TR-4 Apr 2016 Buy
CTA-TR-12 Nov 2015 Buy
Technical Report Jan 2004 Buy
Technical Report Jul 2006 Buy

Open Projects

Each CTA standards committee has a variety of open projects that aim to grow the consumer technology industry.

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