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Television Data Standards

The Television Data Systems Subcommittee develops standards for delivering closed captions, emergency alerts and content advisories to consumer TV sets via broadcast and cable channels, providing guidance to device makers, cable operators and broadcasters on

  • closed captioning
  • emergency alerting
  • content advisories
  • audio services

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Name Date IP Proffers
CTA-CEB21-A Oct 2016 Buy
CTA-516 S-2013 May 1988 Buy
CTA-608-E R-2014 (ANSI) Apr 2008 CEA_Closed_Caption_FAQs_April_1.pdf
CTA-708-E (ANSI) Aug 2013 CEA_Closed_Caption_FAQs_April_1.pdf Buy
CTA-708.1 R-2017 (ANSI) Oct 2012 CTA-708-1-IP-Proffer-LG.pdf Buy
CTA-766-D (ANSI) Dec 2013 ANSI-CTA-766-C-IP-Proffer-TriVision.pdf Buy
ANSI-J-STD-42-B (CTA-814-B) Oct 2013 Buy
CTA-2020 R-2014 (ANSI) Dec 2007 ANSI-CTA-2020-IP-Proffer-Nielsen.pdf Buy
ANSI-J-STD-70 (CTA-2035) Apr 2010 Buy
CTA-CEB12-B R-2015 Apr 2010 Buy
CTA-TR-3 Feb 2013 Buy

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Each CTA standards committee has a variety of open projects that aim to grow the consumer technology industry.

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