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Audio Systems Standards

The Audio Systems Committee develops standards that provide guidance on now to test and report the performance of

  • loudspeakers
  • amplifiers (pre, powered and integrated)
  • receivers
  • tuner/pre-amplifiers
  • powered subwoofers

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Name Date IP Proffers
CTA-2034-A (ANSI) Feb 2015 Buy
CTA-2010-B (ANSI) Nov 2014 Buy
CTA-TR-11 Dec 2015 Buy
CTA-426-B S-2017 Jul 1998 Buy
CTA-2015 R-2017 (ANSI) May 2007 Buy
CTA-560 S-2016 Jun 1990 Buy
CTA-490-A R-2008 Dec 2001 Buy
CTA-2031 R-2014 (ANSI) Sep 2008 Buy
CTA-11 S-2014 Nov 1983 Buy
CTA-2006-B (ANSI) Jun 2009 Buy

Open Projects

Each CTA standards committee has a variety of open projects that aim to grow the consumer technology industry.

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