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CTA Quarterly Outlook Reports - Q1 2019

A unique offering in the marketplace, CTA’s quarterly outlook reports measure current and future performance of key CE categories by providing analysis, forecasting and perspective on a range of measures, including:

  • Current market size

  • Addressable market

  • U.S. household ownership rates

  • Density rates

  • Historical shipment data

  • Purchase intent

  • Commentary on the marketplace.

These forward looking reports augment our existing Industry Forecasts and Monthly Shipment Data reports.

How are CTA’s Quarterly Outlook Reports produced?

Our reporting methodology employs a proprietary statistical modeling approach blending quantitative market data with consumer research to develop a current picture of device markets with a view to the future.

Q1 2019 Quarterly Outlook Reports:

  • AR/VR Headsets

  • Smart Speakers

  • Smartphones

  • Desktop PCs

  • Tablets

  • Laptops

  • Smartwatches

  • Digital Imaging

  • Television Displays