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Role of Consumer Tech in Back to School Shopping, 3rd Edition

With an excess of tens of billions of dollars expected to be spent on back to school items by the end of 2017, it's clear back to school shopping is a large boon for retailers. Even more important for the tech industry, consumer tech continues to play a significant role before, during and after the purchase process. But to accurately gauge the importance of the back to school shopping season, it's critical to understand all the factors that will impact it: who is buying, what are they buying, and how, when and where are they buying it?

This research brief serves to answer those questions, as well as:

  1. Estimate the projected financial impact of back to school shopping, specifically in regards to consumer technology products
  2. Explore the types of products back to school shoppers will buy for school this year
  3. Assess the role consumer tech plays in back to school shopping

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